Procreant Hymn

Title Procreant Hymn
Artist Eric Gill
Category Book
Country Great Britain
Price £750
Size 31 x 24 cm
Description The Old Stile Press 2011
Printed on 200 gms Velin Arches Nlanc in two volumes, each 31 x 24 cm, contained in a slipcase. Numbered from the 15 hors commerce edition.

Procreant Hymn by E Powys Mathers was originally
published by The Golden Cockerel Press in 1926
with five copper engravings by Eric Gill, in an
edition of 175 copies. In addition 25 specials were
issued with a suite of four alternative designs of a
more erotic nature. In addition to the engravings
contained in the books, Gill issued a signed and
numbered edition of 15 impressions of the
ordinary engravings and 25 of the erotic
engravings. On the reverse of Earth Inviting (P360),
Gill engraved Yahoo (P411) but no edition of this
print was ever issued.
In 2011 Wolseley Fine Arts and Gerrish Fine Art,
who own the original plates, arranged for an
edition of 50 printed intaglio as originally
conceived and 20 printed plano (as wood
engravings are usually printed) to be printed by
Martyn Grimmer at Spice Island Print, Bristol. The
plates were also used to produce a sumptuous new
edition of Procreant Hymn by the Old Stile Press. In
this new edition of 60 numbered copies and 15 hors
commerce copies, two separate copies of the book
are contained in a slipcase, one using the original
ordinary engravings and the other using the four
erotic engravings with Earth Waiting appearing in both books.
Signed Signed
Reference 519
Date 1926
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